Tim Tebow is making his mark at Florida, again

Tim Tebow is making his mark at Florida, again
Tim Tebow is making his mark at Florida, again / Getty Images/FanSided Illustration

After a legendary career at Florida, Tim Tebow has returned to the Florida football program as the head coach of the Gators in 2030 and making his mark.

Florida football is no stranger to having a Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback lead the program after Steve Spurrier led the Gators to a national championship and the glory days of the 90s. Now, it's time for Tim Tebow to follow in the footsteps of the Ol' Ball Coach in his first year as the Gators head coach.

Following the departure of Dan Mullen who left Gainesville after a successful 12-year stint to reunite with his former quarterback at Mississippi State, Dak Prescott, with the NFL's Dallas Cowboys, Tebow is once again the big man on campus.

After a career that saw him win two national championships, a Heisman Trophy and cement a legacy as arguably the greatest college football player of all time, now Tebow tries to be one of the better coaches in the SEC.

He'll benefit from having played for Urban Meyer who helped show him what it takes to lead a program full of diverse personalities and how to recruit star players that fit a program's culture. And he is already making an impact on the recruiting trail where his charisma, engaging personality and faith-based life is winning over recruits and their parents.

The next big step is winning over the opponent in the toughest league in college football. The SEC was already the top league in the nation since the turn of the century but after the latest round of conference realignment in 2026 that added Clemson, Florida State, Miami and UCF, the depth and quality of the conference has reached unprecedented levels.

areExpectations for players coaching at their alma maters is not the same for a coach taking a job at any other school. Take Scott Frost for example. The former Nebraska quarterback won a national championship as a player under Tom Osborne but couldn't even make it five years at his alma mater before the natives got restless and ran him out of town. He's since flourished since getting back on his feet at UCLA and winning the Pac-12 in the last three seasons. However, for every Pat Fitzgerald who has success at his alma mater, there are dozens of examples like Frost that Tebow is hoping to avoid.

It'll be even harder for Tebow who comes back to Florida without any head coaching experience. In fact, his only coaching experience came on the little league fields where he coached his sons and nephews. But when you have a brilliant football mind like Tebow who wants to save his alma mater, you can't pass up that opportunity.

What'll make Tebow successful is the same thing that made him successful as a player.

He has a relentless effort and will to be great. He won't settle for anything less than 100 percent from his players during practice, film sessions, study hall and especially on game days. He'll expect his coaching staff to give the same type of effort that he gave as a player and he'll expect that of himself on the sideline, practice field and in meetings with his players and coaches. Tebow has already set himself up for success by hiring a coaching staff to handle the bulk of the x's and o's while he focuses on establishing a culture of success and accountability.

That's the first step toward further college football immortality as a Heisman winner, national champion as a player and as a coach.

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